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"Wales’ answer to Rage Against the Machine"

Trash-trad group NoGood Boyo is the only band you need to see if you've ever wondered what would happen if you locked Enter Shikari, The Prodigy and Meredydd Evans, in one room and told them to make some noise. They are also the only band with an accordion to request extra security staff, and paramedics on standby after audiences shattered dancefloors at their concerts with their amalgamation of sounds of DnB, Rap, Techno and Electronica.

Dressed in attire resembling a steampunking Welsh Nana, and with their music mixing Welsh language songs with the sounds of 90s rave and nu-metal, NoGood Boyo are are ready to rave like it's 1699.


NoGood Boyo take their genre-bending 'trash-trad' label from the purists out to stop them, and the traditional music they have proudly mashed, remixed and moulded in to a 21st Century sound. Their uniform consists of a boiler suit, sunglasses, and a traditional Welsh hat - seen only on biscuit tins and tacky merchandise at Barry Island until now.

They have never hidden away from their political or social beliefs – they also include speeches made by Aneurin Bevan in the 1940s in their performances, and Leanne Wood of Plaid Cymru is featured in the video for another of the band’s tracks.

They are the perfect balance between paying tribute to their Welsh heritage and all out recklessness.

Go loud, or go home boyo.

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Press quotes

"Wales' 21st Century Sex Pistols"
Scottish Music Network

"Wales’ answer to Rage Against the Machine"

"Drawing together elements of gothic rock, post rock and electronica into that already heady sounding brew might seem a challenge, but the band brings it home in style on this anthemic, passionate rocker. You just know their fans will join in with 'One Day' at gigs!"

Analogue Trash

"This shit sounds great! It's got a cool blend of traditional and modern elements. I dig it."

Cory Wong - Vulfpeck


“I love this sound! A really energetic twist.”
Bethan Elfyn BBC Radio Wales

brilliantly mind-boggling"
Southern Daily Echo

"a remarkable, post-middle-ages inspired synth, punk, rock quartet making the most delectable noises"
Cornwall Live


“Stomping on a Saturday night, especially if you’ve got something in a glass next to you that you might regret the next day is a damn good thing! And I think NoGood Boyo can help with that!”

Adam Walton BBC Radio Wales

"..a rattling good tune, just anthemic enough without straying into unwanted Bon Jovi territory.."
BBC Radio 2

“...a non-stop party..”

Folk Radio UK

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