"This shit sounds great! It's got a cool blend of traditional and modern elements. I dig it."
Cory Wong - Vulfpeck

Nogood boyo

The trash-trad group NoGood Boyo is the only band you need to see if you've ever wondered what would happen if you locked Enter Shikari, The Prodigy and Meredydd Evans, in one room and told them to make some noise. NoGood Boyo is also the only band with an accordion to request extra security staff, and paramedics on standby after shattering dancefloors at their gig in Brittany the night before. Even without listening to a note, and whatever you think of traditional music, these facts make them like no other grassroots band coming out of Wales right now. 

Dressed in attire resembling a steampunking Welsh Nana, and with their music mixing traditional Welsh language songs with the sounds of 90s rave and nu-metal, NoGood Boyo are already on their way to taking over the music industry in Wales, and they are ready to party like it's 1699.


NoGood Boyo take their genre-bending 'trash-trad' label from the purists out to stop them, and the traditional music they proudly and brashly mashed up, and brought in to the 21st Century. Their uniform consists of a boiler suit, sunglasses, and a traditional Welsh hat - seen only on biscuit tins and tacky merch at Barry Island until now.

Formed in Cardiff in 2017, they instantly made a splash in the scene picking up nomination for 'Best New Artist' in the BBC Wales Folk Awards and were selected as part of BBC Horizons project and have won the Trophee Loic Raison at Festival Interceltique de Lorient in Brittany.

The perfect balance of paying tribute to their welsh heritage with with all out recklessness.

Go Loud or Go Home.


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“...a non-stop party. Keep an eye on them, I’m certain there will be a lot more great things to come.”

Folk Radio UK

"This shit sounds great! It's got a cool blend of traditional and modern elements. I dig it."

Cory Wong - Vulfpeck


“I love this sound! A really energetic twist on folk music.” Bethan Elfyn BBC Radio Wales


“NoGood Boyo are part of a wave of young musicians from Wales who are deliberately working to grow our traditions from within. Instrumental tracks such as Rag n Bone and 5in are tremendous dance grooves that twist and break up the normal concepts of jig, reel and the tyranny of 32 bar dance tunes. Taking classic songs like Bwba and Deryn Pur and making them sound like they were written yesterday speaks volumes about their commitment to our traditions and the need to pass them on to new generations. This is the modern : the shock of the new. Best summed up by their hashtag #goloudorgohome.”

Daniel Kilbride, Director of Trac, Music Traditions Wales


“Stomping on a Saturday night, especially if you’ve got something in a glass next to you that you might regret the next day is a damn good thing! And I think NoGood Boyo can help with that! Interesting arrangements going on, clearly amazing musicians, it’s just got something about it!”

Adam Walton BBC Radio Wales


“NoGood Boyo is a much ‘needed shot in the arm’ for the Welsh folk and trad scene, filling a gap in the Welsh ‘folk-rock and party’ category. With a strong line-up of musicians who are well-versed in Wales’ traditions, NoGood Boyo takes trad songs and tunes, and gives them a contemporary re-working with driving rhythms, drums, double bass and a kick-ass attitude. The band performed for the first time at the Lorient Inter-Celtic Festival in 2017, at the Wales Pavilion, and instantly made an impact. Each of the band’s performances played to a full house and received a well-deserved rapturous response from audiences. The band’s new EP was in demand and sales exceeded their expectations. NoGood Boyo have definitely hit on a successful formula that looks set to take them across Wales and way beyond. Their music is infectious, edgy and full of hwyl!”

Wales Delegate Leader for Festival Interceltique de Lorient


Booking Agent - Craig Wylie 
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